Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pencil Play

Hi Crafty Friends,

I'm still finding time to play with Prismacolor pencils.  Using pencils requires some new techniques but I think it's exciting to expand my crafty horizons so I'll keep trying.

I've used Diana, Here's the Scoop from Stamp Annie Thing and actually put it on a card I had already assembled.  I just swapped out the focal image.  I've made so many cards over the past years and I've decided that when I like a card layout but not necessarily the focal image, I'll just swap it out.  
So here's my card.

I'm learning so much about using pencils especially layering and shading.   A lot has to do with the "tooth" of the paper and adding color without completely filling in the tooth.  Once that's done, it's difficult to add and blend color.  I'll just keep practicing.   Now, besides keeping my pattern papers sorted by theme and my card stock sorted by manufacturer - so I know what cuts best in my cutters, I have to keep my Copic papers, my water color papers, and my pencil papers separate since using the right paper makes a huge difference.  Good thing I love to sort and organize!!!

Thanks for sharing my creative journey.  


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