Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Building a Card Stash

As I stated in my profile, I am one of the Cricut Card Fairies.  Our mission is send cards to people (children and adults) offering congratulations, sympathy, get well wishes, thank yous, etc.  The missions come from requests received by our Card Fairy Army Commanders.  If you're interested in what we do and how to join, please visit www.Cricut.com/messageboard and look for the Cricut Card Fairies forum. We sometimes get up to 10 requests in a week and, because I have the time, I try to respond to each. Now you understand why I need a card stash.  Many times I'll make a unique card, especially for the children or a messageboard member, but often I'll send a card from my stash, adding the appropriate sentiment - usually stamped- with a personal or stamped message inside. 

Today I'm sharing cards from my stash.  I have not added sentiments, just a place for them.  I try to keep happy cards, serious cards, and gender neutral cards on hand.  Most of these are made from papers in my scrap drawers. They are all A2 size and don't have a lot of dimension.  I keep dimension to a minimum because anything that can't go through the post office's automated sorter must be hand cancelled and that requires an additonal $.20 postage.  How embarrassing to have a card delivered with postage due!!!!!

I hope you enjoy my cards and might be motivated to join us.  You're not asked to complete all the missions, only when you can.  It's a wonderful group and certainly a worthwhile cause.

Thanks for visiting - hope you found some inspiration.  We'll see where my journey takes me tomorrow.


Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

I love your blog, it is soooo pretty! Great job sweetie I am so proud of you! I love the cards and am so blessed to have you as a rocking Fairy! thanks tons!

nikki said...

I just found the Cricut Card Fairies last week. I absolutely love the idea of the group! I'm taking on my first missions this weekend. :) Love your blog design!!!

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