Saturday, April 30, 2011

First E2 Project and Some Notes

Woohoo!  My E2 arrived a week earlier than expected.  I used CricutSync to update it and made this card while my Gypsy was updating.  I used the preloaded Cricut American Alphabet - I think I'm going to LOVE this cartridge.  I cut Doily9 at 3".  I figured out how to move the cuts around the virtual mat so that I could place all four papers on the sticky mat to cut the images at the same time (you can't drag and drop).  It will be fun learning how to use the machine to its fullest advantage.

While I was updating the Gypsy, I got a "missing fonts" message.  Although my G showed that the latest updates were installed, when I clicked on the newest carts, my Gypsy returned to the start-up screen.  After reading the message boards, I discovered quite a few gals had this problem.  It's solved by reopening Cricut Sync, reconnecting the G to the computer and turning it on.  Click, "don't update now" so you can get to the Help menu.  Click "yes" to the next three questions and Sync will reinstall all Gypsy content.  It took a little over an hour.  When I clicked out of Sync, disconnected the G, turned it off and then back on, it all worked.  All new carts (from the E2 and Hello Thursday) were listed and could be brought up on the screen. Yay!!!

I made a practice cut with the Gypsy connected to the E2.  I used Mini Monograms and it cut just fine.  I've read that the pre-installed carts, although they show up on the Gyspy, can't be cut from the G yet.  There's no way to show your G that you own those carts so they're listed in red.  A future Gypsy update will solve this problem.  I'm sure it has something to do with having your E2 registered, so be sure to do that right away.

Hugs and Happy Crafting,


BugBites said...

wow- I am so jealous. They are telling me mine won;t come until Mid May at best. Here's is hoping it comes early. This card looks great.

blueskygirl said...

Wow- Congrats on getting your E2 SO fast. I ordered it Mon at 1000 before they went on tv and I live in PA, but not getting it till tues. I just hope everything on it works ok. Thanks for the info about the updates.

blueskygirl said...

Just wondering do you know if they are planning on doing an update on the gypsy so that we can control the speed of the cut?


Larelyn said...

When I used the Gypsy, after I tapped "cut", a screen came up that allowed me to change the speed, pressure, and number of cuts (multicut). So, this newest uupdate seems to have that already. It uses the E2 symbols, so I don't think you'll have the option to change them when using the orignial E or Bug. The latest Gypsy update is: 0210:0219

Tanya said...

your card turned out so pretty! My E2 should be arriving on Monday and I can hardly wait! Thanks for the info on the updates...I always do the updates with a sense of doom and dread hanging over me :0( I'm sure your tips will come in handy and I'll probably be back to read them again...thanks!

blueskygirl said...

That is awesome you can control the gypsy speed! I am so excited- can't wait till tues!
Thanks for sharing.

Love That Bug said...

What a great card! So happy to hear you are enjoying your new toy

Kristie Maynard said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! have fun with that E2!

Glenda said...

Love this pretty card! Congrats on your E2! I am sure you are enjoying it!
Have fun!

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