Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Craft Space

Since I spent the weekend reorganizing, I thought I'd share my crafting space with you.  It's still a bedroom (pity the poor soul who has to sleep here) and the furniture is all bits and pieces from here and there - it is truly the "poor woman's" craft space.  When we moved here, things we weren't sure where to put seemed to land here.  You'll see that 2 bookshelves and an entertainment center have been converted to craft keepers, along with every other available space LOL!
When you walk into the room and turn to the left, this is what you see - an old teacher's desk that I bought for $25.  I love the slide outs on each side because it gives me more space.

To the right of the desk are my cubes and a set of storage drawers.  I took the books off the bookcase and added crafting instead - hey, they were college books and cookbooks - who has time to cook!  The binders hold my clear stamps, bling, and Cricut Preview sheets.
Continuing around, past the bed - darn thing takes up so much space but I can lay stuff on it IF the dogs aren't asleep on top - more storage for embellishments, sew easy, and kits.  I bought the paper racks when our LSS went out of business. Oh, the big green tote holds my Chrismas paper - I move it out after the holidays.

And, the entertainment center which became craft storage.  The boxes on top hold my plain cardstock.  The 3-drawers have my inks and the photo boxes hold my sample cards.

Turning back towards the door, you'll see my punches in an over-the-door shoe bag.  The colored drawer set hold my scraps and the taller drawers hold small punches, tools, brads and bling, and buttons.  It actually sits between the two sliding closet doors.  I can  sit in my chair at the desk and turn to reach the scrap drawers or supply drawers and the chest you'll see in the last picture. 

The right side of the closet is all shelving so of course it's full of supplies too.  My spools of ribbon are in plastic storage on the lower shelf  (can't see that one) along with a rolling basket of more paper.

You see the bed and chest as you walk in without turning (the desk is to the left).  I just bought these storage drawers at J's to put all of my wooden stamps in. And, you can see my cutters, project calendar, and ATG guns on the chest.  Everything is in easy reach of the desk.

If we have company, quite a bit of stuff can be moved, unless it's family, then they just have to sleep around it!!! LOL

Well, that's it - no IKEA here, but it's my space and has everything I need.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs and Happy Crafting,


cricaholic said...

Your craft space is SUPER!! and very organized!!TFS

Caprice said...

Why is it when I see your room I just have this need to dive into all that paper!!! LOL
My favorite is how you organize your carts. They are so easy to grab and quick to find just what you need.
Great space!!
Take care my friend. :)

Love That Bug said...

What a great room. Can I move in with you? LOL
Hugs, Stacy

Kristie Maynard said...

So nice and neat! My space is NEVER that neat, of course it's just my space and nothing else in there. LOL! Nothing else would fit!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Larelyn I love your space ....AND look at all of your STUFF, I would love to come scrap with you in your space... I don't have fancy stuff, I do have the jet cubes.. If I ever get organized I will have to take pictures of my little craft area - i have just about taken over the bedroom... Poor dh can hardly squeeze into the bathroom, lol
Hugs sandy

Marissa said...

So organized!!!! Good job!

jo (http://joboogie.typepad.com) said...

Your space looks fabulous! I seriously need to reorganize my stuff!

GCDT sister

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