Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Challenge Card and Some Helpful (?) Ideas.

I'll begin by posting my 4th challenge card for Santa's Slackers.  I used Very Merry Tags and an EK Success border punch.  It's pretty simple, but I  like the idea of the tag in the pocket (my rather far-fetched interpretation of the sketch!) and may explore some different ideas along those lines for more Christmas cards.

I really love to organize things - sometimes I organize more that I create!!  Well - I have 68 Cricut cartridges (it was scary to actually count them) and I can't always remember what's on them, especially those wonderful bonus cuts found on the function keys.  I do take the time to go through my handbooks, just to refresh my memory and find inspiration, but sometimes I just need a frame/mat and I can't remember which cartridge to use. 
So this is what I did:  I went through my handbooks with my Gypsy turned on and the 12x24 virtual mat selected.  When I found  frames/mats I knew I would use often, I selected them and placed them on the virtual mat.  I used a default size of 2.5 so that I could compare across the cartridges I chose.  I didn't include Mini Monograms because I'm very familiar with those shapes.  After I filled up my virtual mats (2 pages) with cuts that I had been looking for, I used my Expression to draw the shapes using my Cricut Pens.  That way, I'd have reference sheets with the cuts all together.  I also added the initials of the cartridge following each set of cuts.  It really didn't take that long and I love being able to look at my sheets to compare shapes and sizes and know which cartridge to use.   Now, you may not want to use 12x24 paper.  You could do the same thing on 12x12 or 8.5x11 and make smaller images.

                                          A Reference for Frames/Mats

I added the note "&frames" after the Storybook images to remind myself of that complete function key.

The other thing I've done to help me with cartridge images is to print the preview pages from the website.  If you go to "information" then "Cricut library" and click on the first column after each cartridge, you'll get a single sheet preview.  You can't see the images created with the function keys, so I'll write what the function keys do and also write any "words" or "phrases" that come with the cartridge directly below the image.  I keep all these pages in plastic sleeves and held together with binder rings.

Well, those are my brainstorms for today.  Hope you find them helpful.  Now, I must stop organizing and get the creative juices flowing!

Hugs and Happy Crafting,

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Kristie Maynard said...

Great ways to organize your cartridge images.
Here is something you may be interested in. Go to this blog
She has a link that says cheat sheets, there will be another link to a Yahoo group where you can join that group and you will receive downloads of "cheat sheets" Say you are making a layout or card and want a mermaid, you go to the shapes column on the sheet and look up mermaid and it lists all the cartridges that have a mermaid on them. I don't know when it was last updated though. My sheets are rather old, but I don't have that many cartridges to look through and only one new one that isn't on the sheets. Check it out, they may be a help to you.

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